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Designed in 2018. The client wanted to drastically improve their dashboards section for social media insights. I facilitated a remote design sprint to work with the client and conceptualise, design and test the prototype in a week. The design sprint was very successful and I used the results to create a new user experience and visual design for the dashboard section.

The whole project was done remotely and the main tools used were Zoom conferencing tool and RealTimeBoard online collaboration software, as well as Slack, Trello, Zeplin and other traditional tools.


Product design sprint
User research
UX / UI design

Design sprint 1

Design sprint Day 1 - First, we interviewed internal stakeholders and wrote down prioritised issues with the existing solution

Design sprint 2

Design sprint Day 2 - We worked on five different concepts for analytics redesign and voted independently

Design sprint 4

Design sprint Day 3 - After we picked the winning concept, we then created a storyboard that was used as a guide for the main prototype


Design sprint Day 3 - Prototype used for user interviews

Design sprint 3

Design sprint Day 5  - feedback gathered from user interview sessions

UX Challenge

Since the backlog was full of different features for Analytics improvements, the first challenge was to identify and agree on the scope of the project. This is where the design sprint helped us tremendously: within two days we wrote down a long term goal, picked an area to focus on and tested the hypothesis with live users. 

During the user interviews and looking at existing analytics usage, we noticed another challenge: clients from different sectors had different goals and were using analytics differently. I worked with the client to brainstorm different potential solutions and we picked the one that ticked most boxes, was the most flexible and had the best response from our testers. 

Final design

Finished design

Final design 2

Finished design - various elements

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