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Designed in 2020/2021. I had the pleasure of working with an EdTech company that has built a platform for higher education institutions.
My work involved redesigning existing products, designing new ones and working closely with the CEO to build different prototypes. The main products I worked on were the researcher product, curriculum builder, programme selector, design system and many others.


Product design sprint
User research
UX / UI design

Concepts land

Wireframes of management platform

The Challenge

The main challenge when working with this client was the sheer scale of their platform. The existing platform is built for enterprise institutions, which means very high customizability and deep feature sets for different use-cases. Since the client doesn't have a design team, everything will need to be built from scratch. I started the process by working closely with the CEO and product managers and learning customer pain points.  Here's what needed to be achieved: a complete redesign of their existing platform by also making it mobile-first; dark theme; course builder; programme selector; lots of additional functionality. All of this is to be connected with an extensive design system where any designer or engineer could build new features just by using the system.

Frame 197
Concepts land 2

Wireframes of Course builder (Educator-facing UX)

Course selector

Wireframes of Course selector (Student-facing UX)


One of many management platform exploration designs on the left, and moderation / approval wireframes on the right

The Solution

We managed to move quickly by investing time in the discovery phase - understanding the pain points, use cases, customer feedback and client's needs. By focusing on rapid prototyping and wireframes, leaving the UI design for much later. Starting with the core platform and its main features, we tried many different variations until we were satisfied with the results. 

Note: Course builder, Course selector and many other designs are not included here

Mobile 1

Mobile UI

Mobile 2

Mobile UI

Mobile dark

Dark theme

WD – Feed
WD – Chat
WD – Analytics
WD – Kanban

Widescreen (tablet / desktop) designs

Dark 1
Dark 3

Desktop dark theme

Pink 1
Pink 2

Institution profiles and websites

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