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Designed in 2020. I worked on a logistics saas platform and their mobile app for drivers. The project was fun and challenging - I needed to redesign a complex app that should be easy to use for the older, not-so-tech-savvy audiences. I also redesigned their existing "MVP" product that was previously designed by developers.


User research
UX / UI design

Logistics 1st

Final version of web app

Web app - The Challenge

The main challenge for the web app was the sheer amount of information that needed to be displayed while being easy to find and manage. The app was designed by the company's developers as a very big internal product. When the client decided to offer it to other logistics companies, the user experience and visual design needed to be revamped. Additional components and a design library were created for the client to continue building new features without needing a designer.


Web app before changes

Logistics 3rd

Finished web app design

Mobile app - The Challenge

The client also needed to build a mobile app for their truck drivers. This mobile app project was different from the rest because the target audience is drivers in their 50s and 60s who don't use tech much.

Such an audience doesn't understand elements or icons we take for granted, such as "share", "home", "delete", and most other "space-saving" components we can use for most apps.

I ran user research and prototype testing in order to find flaws in the designs and make sure the drivers understand how to use the app with minimal effort.

Mobile – UX options

Wireframe - different navigation options tested


Some screens of the UX design

Transport app dribbble

Some screens of the UI design

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